Establishing a Legacy (1989 - Present)

Founded by David Vance in 1989, the Boat Owners Association of New South Wales Inc. (BOA) was born out of necessity to confront the Maritime Services Board’s extreme proposal to recalibrate mooring fees based on the area of swing. This radical change threatened to triple mooring fees, compelling us to take decisive action.

Victory Against Mooring Fee Increase

Under Vance’s leadership, BOA successfully overturned the proposed mooring fee increases through organized mass protests and by exposing the underlying financial manipulations. This early victory set the stage for our ongoing commitment to defend and advocate for boaters’ rights.

Three Decades of Advocacy

For over 30 years, BOA has remained vigilant in its role as a watchdog for the boating community. Our engagement with government bodies has been pivotal in drafting new regulations and establishing fair policy frameworks. Our dedication to protecting boaters’ interests has yielded significant successes, including:

  • Mooring Fees Pegged to CPI: Ensuring fees remain fair and predictable.
  • Responsible Vessel Holding Tank Policy: Implementing environmentally friendly practices alongside free public pump-out facilities.
  • Swansea Channel Maintenance: Regular dredging to ensure safe passage for Lake Macquarie boaters.
  • Life Jacket Reform: Introducing measures for heightened risk scenarios to enhance safety.
  • Advocacy for Clear Communication: Replacing the term ‘PFD’ with ‘Life Jacket’ to reflect the equipment’s purpose.
  • Support for Marine Rescue: Promoting responsible funding and transparency in financial dealings.
  • Currarong Boat Ramp Upgrade: Facilitating major improvements to support regional boaters.
  • End of Life Vessel Policy: Addressing the disposal and recycling of boats.
  • Trailer Parking Solutions: Developing policies to ease parking concerns for boaters.


Continuing Our Journey

The achievements of BOA over the past 35 years reflect our unwavering commitment to the boating community. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to safeguarding the rights of boaters, influencing policy reform, and fostering a thriving boating environment in New South Wales.

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