Representation is crucial for ensuring that the rights and needs of boat owners are considered in local and state government policies and decisions

BOA Key Areas of Representation

Advocacy and Lobbying:

The BOA of NSW engages in advocacy and lobbying efforts to influence policies and regulations that affect boating and maritime activities. This can include regulations on boating safety, environmental protection measures that impact waterways, and the development of boating facilities.

Information and Education:

Providing members with up-to-date information on regulations, safety practices, and environmental considerations. This may also include organizing educational programs or seminars on boating safety, navigation, and environmental stewardship.

Community and Networking:

Creating a community among boat owners, offering opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and advice. Associations often organize events, competitions, and social gatherings.

Dispute Resolution:

Offering assistance in resolving disputes that may arise between boat owners and marinas, government agencies, or other parties.

Member Service:

Providing services to members, such as advice on compliance with maritime laws, access to exclusive moorings, or discounts on boating insurance and equipment.

Engaging with the BOA of NSW:


Boat owners can typically become members of the association to benefit from its representation and services. Membership might offer direct support, resources, and the opportunity to participate in shaping the association’s advocacy efforts.

Meetings and Communication:

Members are often encouraged to participate in meetings, forums, and other platforms where they can express their concerns, provide input on the association’s direction, and stay informed about issues affecting the boating community.